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Thread: ipod to Macbook

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    Jan 31, 2009
    ipod to Macbook
    Is there a way I can connect a friends ipod to my macbook .... I dont want to copy from the ipod, just to play tunes.

    I DJ occasionally from my macbook, and often want to plug friends ipods in so i can play their tunes as well.

    When i plug friends ipod in, my macbook reads it, but the tunes are 'greyed' out .. can i overcome this?

    Many thanks

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    I've been using a program called Senuti to take stuff off other iPods. If I remember correctly, you can play the songs in there without having to rip them. I'm not certain though.

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    A program called TouchCopy should do the trick for you. You can play your friends Ipod on your computer with it.

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