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    Question iTunes and iPhoto sharing
    I'm relatively new (3 months) to macintosh, but have spent most of that time figuring out what my G5 is capable of. One thing I haven't been able to fugure out is how to share one iTunes/iPhoto library accross multiple accounts on the same machine. I can obviously copy the tracks/photos and paste into each account, but that chews up hard drive space and is way to much of a hassle to keep updated. I want to be able to have one library that all other accounts can access and update. Any ideas?

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    For iTunes put your iTunes Music Folder into a shared directory. You can set the iTunes in each account to have that folder as the iTunes folder.

    Do the same for the iPhoto library
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    Thanks gentlemen. I have both programs being shared across multiple user accounts. For anyone else interested, I found out there is an additional requirement to make this work: the user account that is sharing the program (iTunes/iPhoto) must actually have that proram running in order for the share to show up in the other accounts. I suppose that makes sense, but it almost defeats the purpose. Anyway, thanks gain.

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