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Thread: CD Spin Doctor Download

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    Jan 02, 2009
    CD Spin Doctor Download
    Okay I'm an idiot and forgot to save my CD Spin Doctor download and my hard drive crashed.

    I'm in process of rebuilding everything with new drive. Good news is I have invoice with serial number. Bad news is Roxio will not let you download a copy after 30 days of purchase.

    Does anybody know anywhere I can download CD Spin Doctor ver 3.1 or later? Every download site poitns it back to Roxio's site where you have to buy before download.

    Thanks in advance..

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    Oct 22, 2007
    Just contact Roxio, I am sure they will help you out
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    Jan 02, 2009
    You would think Roxio would help but apparently their policy is you can only download within a 30 day grace period after purchase, unless you purchase some extended download policy. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Make sure you take that into consideration when looking at Sonic's products..

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