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Thread: Update Itunes library with New Music on NAS

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    Update Itunes library with New Music on NAS
    OK, bought my macbook about a week ago. Now I am having a problem with the management of my music and itunes library, my set up is;
    NAS unit that is wireless and holds all my music. Macbook which itunes is set to read from the NAS unit so that is not a problem. When I download/rip new music and copy it to my NAS unit, how can I automatically update my Itunes library without having to manually to locate the new music?

    Previously I used a PC set up with the NAS. The program ITLU solved the problem because it reconciled the music on my NAS with the music in the itunes library and updated the differences, I just can not seem to find anything that does this on my Mac.

    Can anyone help???

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    I know of no way to get iTunes to automatically do that. You would have to turn off keep my iTunes Library organised, and still add it manually

    iTunes works best if you let it organise your library and just make sure the meta tags are tidy, but that might not be the way you like to work

    the only other way to locate the lost tracks is this

    Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes ♫ List Music Folder Files Not Added v2.0
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