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Thread: Dumb iTunes beginner question

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    Dumb iTunes beginner question
    okay, Ill admit I havent really used itunes that much in the past. I have all my songs into it, but never really played much creating playlists, etc..

    so I got an airport express deally for Christmas and I want to sort through all my songs (have around 5,000) and organize them so I can play my itunes through my macbook onto my home stereo system.

    heres my main question:

    Like I said I have around 5,000 songs. I know some of you will say "wow thats it, i have 25,000"... lol... But what Im wanting to do is organize them. alot of them have the artist AND title in the title area. And alot of times also have track numbers, etc... Id like to go through all my songs and correct this..

    other than one by one inside itunes, is there a faster more efficient way?

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    Short answer - no.
    If you have multiple artists, you can select these and enter the same artist/album for each and adjusting many at once but you can't do this with track titles.

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    If you're a little bit technically inclined, you could check out Doug's Applescripts.

    One of his scripts is a parser that will allow you to select a "pattern" such as "Artist - Title" in your songs, and will automatically copy the data into the correct tags.
    But that will only work if the pattern is the same for a bunch of tracks...

    Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes ♫ Track Parser v1.3

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    I once added all my music at one time, and because the tags were so screwed it would have been impossible to fix them. Thirty "Track-01" files, for example.

    So I deleted everything, and then I added everything one album at a time. It really didn't take that long, and now all my music has album covers, is the same bitrate, and has the same naming structure.

    You can select an entire album, then hit "command-i" and add art and make sure that all the files have the same album and artist name.

    I transferred about 12,000 songs that way. It took a couple of weeks, and was actually pretty fun. I did it while I watched TV.

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