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Thread: New Macbook, trying to use external hardrive when music is stored. Now the problem...

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    New Macbook, trying to use external hardrive when music is stored. Now the problem...
    Hi Guys

    I've just recently bought a new Macbook and want to be able to use my external hard drive that i've built my iTunes libary on over a period of time from my pc days.

    I connected the external hard drive to my MacBook and it found it no problem.

    The problem then started when i tried to move (as a test) a couple of albums into my iTunes libary on my mac and instead of playing the music from the external hard drive, it proceeded to instead copy the selected files i'd moved into my libary on the mac on the mac's new and unused hard drive, which is something i definitely don't want.

    Is there a way or an option i can check whereby i'm using my external hard drive to only play music on have on there and put new stuff on of course as opposed to having it immediately copied to the Mac's Hard Drive?

    Thanks everyone


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    I pretty much had the same problem not too long ago, you want to go into the iTunes preferences, advanced. then change the music directory to that of the HDD
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    After you have done this drag and drop the music over onto iTunes
    hope i've helped
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