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    DJ Wannabe: Basic Instructions and Suggestions
    Basically, I love music and I love to share it with others even more.

    However, I still am very unsure on how to start doing something like that.
    Could any of the more experienced people fiddling with DJ softwares, or even beginners tell me how they started DJ-ing.
    It's essentially for either playing live, I might upgrade later on to music-making.

    I have some experience with softwares such as Sony's Acid Pro or Virtual DJ on Windows, and I recently got a Mac and have been using for a while Mixmeister Fusion, iDrum, DJ-1800 and GarageBand.

    I'm not looking to spend too much money as of yet, since I'm not swimming in it nor am I experienced enough.
    (I'm in the Uk as well, so I can't spend Dollars)

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you very much!

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    Download the trial of Ableton Live. You can do everything in it except save your mixes, so it will give you a good idea. Ableton Live and (for producing) Logic are the tools of the pros. There is also Serato Scratch, which seems to be the new thing for people who either: a) don't want to give up the tactile feel of tables, or b) are true scratch DJ's who need to be able to actually scratch and cut with digital files.

    FYI, DJ'ing is not a cheap hobby! I have been doing it off and on for about 7 years now, and not only is it hard to find work, but you constantly have to spend money on new tracks etc; not to mention that there are 1000000000 other's just like you out there. NOT trying to discourage you, just letting you know!
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