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    Music Hard Drive Setup?
    I am waiting delivery of a mac pro dual quad 2.8 and I am getting a 500GB option in bay 1

    I am ordering 2 x Samsung (finger crossed) F1 1TB drives (Bay 2 and Bay 3).

    My main use will be for producing music which will therefore run plug-ins instruments, effects, work with audio files...

    Would a setup like this be ok?

    Setup A
    500GB Drive 1 = System and other applications (e.g. Logic Pro, virtual insrtuments, other apps)
    1TB Drive 2 = Audio library (Samples, sounds from virtual instruments many GBs large, etc... )
    1TB Drive 2 = all sort of stuff from scratch disk to personal family files like photos, movies, music, etc...)
    Will then use external Hard Drive to back up stuff I don't want to lose

    Setup B
    500GB Drive 1 = System (too large for just system)
    1TB Drive 2 = Applications
    1TB Drive 3 = Data (audio files, audio library, personal photos-movies-music, etc...)

    Other option?

    If I want to have a dual but with Windows XP... will I be able to just add another Drive (Internal/External) for a dual boot start up?

    Thanks for any help

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    Personally, I would keep all your system and application files on the same drive, makes more sense to me... Essentially, go with option #1. Not sure that you'd want to separate your loops either... May be better to keep them all on drive #1.

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    the idea to separate audio files or the audio files of a library is that it will give you faster audio streaming because that drive is only accessed for streaming audio while system and apps are run from another drive.


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    I have one more drive than you and do video but I find this works well for me:

    Bay 1) System, Applications, Smallish every day personal files (documents chat logs, etc)

    Bay2 ) Personal Files (Music Library, Photos, etc)

    Bay 3) Work Files (Captures, Royalty free media, etc.)

    Bay 4) Scratch Disks

    External 1-3 ) Back up
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