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Thread: DJ Advise Needed

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    DJ Advise Needed
    I have recently been dj'ing parties for friends of mine and have been looking to expand. I have been using pro-tools for a few years, have a decent home set-up. I have been using my laptop and pa's to dj, but am not satisfied with virual dj or traktor dj because I hate clicking and fiddling on my computer during a party. Really what I am looking for is an alternative to vinyl (do not want to deal with finding new music when I have 60gb on my laptop). I would like to have something physical that I can use. I do have mixer but its somewhat primitive and my only controller is a MIDI keyboard. I would like to be able to scratch with music on my laptop without vinyl but i don't even know if that is possible. Is there any hardware or controllers that could satisfy my needs

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    Scratching is the problem, because in order for you to do that you need something like Serato Scratch or similar (that uses either Time Coded CD's or Vinyl)(This is what most of the Battle/Scratch DJ's that I know are using). Besides that, all the DJ's I know (myself included) have moved into the Ableton Live realm. Most of them are either using a combination of M-Audio MIDI controllers, or, the more serious people, are using either Xone:3D's or some Faderfox's with a MOTU Ultralite.
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    im using an m-audio midi controller as well, its just the mixer version, however i do know they have better versions of the controller that do have what looks like little jog/shuttle controls so you can have the scratch effect. im not sure if they are weighted though so it may not feel like what youre used to, but should give a similar effect

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