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Thread: help downloading an mp3 file

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    help downloading an mp3 file
    very new to mac - so far love it!

    I would like to download a mp3 file to my itunes and when i hit the download from the website, i'm asked to "select destination folder". is it as simple as opening the applications folder and selecting itunes from that dialog box or am i missing something?

    thank you!

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    That just means it wants to know where you want the file. So, if you're saving a picture, you may want it in "pictures" or for a song or other mp3 file, you may want "music". You can also add folders in your finder and add it there. So, maybe one for sound effects you've downloaded, or something else. Hope that helps!

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    Yep, it's that simple. Just put the path you want it to go, or tell it to put it on the desktop and then move it from there later.
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