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Thread: iTunes 8 Albums

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    iTunes 8 Albums
    When updating to version 8, iTunes split some of my albums up, so that I have a separate album for each track. It happened mostly on soundtracks, but it happened on others as well, so I don't really see a pattern. My question is, can I somehow combine the albums so that there is only one album instead of 12 - sort of like combining events in iPhoto?

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    Use the Album Artists tag

    Also useful when you have ablums with band feat. another person

    You can keep any individual artist info in artist but the ablum artist tag was added to do exactly what you are after

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    This happened to me too, along with some other quirks. The way to get around it, is to change the 'album artist' to one person and select the sort by this category. If it's a compilation, call the album artist 'Various Artists'.

    That way, the actual track artist is maintained, but the album only appears once. I had a huge compilation album (Electronic Collection) I purchased from iTunes, and my CoverFlow on my iPod showed it as about 45 albums - it took my more than an hour to clean it up.

    For some reason, iTunes 8 has messed a lot of things up. A lot of my album art vanished too, even from purchased tracks.
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    Thanks for the tips -- it worked.

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    Is there a way to get the album art work for the albums in my iTunes?
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    I was having the same problem. I got the various artist figured out for the Album Artists. What I need now is to know how to sort by Song Artist. When I choose Artist at the top of my Grid View, It uses "Various" as the artist. How can I make this sort by the Song Artist?


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