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    How-to Organize Music
    Heres my situation, i have around 50,000 songs only a few thousand i acually listen to but i would still like to organize them. Does anyone know of a program that i can browse to my music folder and organize it and be able to play the music from the program? i need to be able to preview songs within the program to lets say organize into "good" or "bad" folders. and whatever i change in the program needs to be reflected in the original music folder.

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    You could use playlists in iTunes?


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    i found that the best way to do it is the old fashioned way. i never have liked the way itunes organizes music. i organized every one of my 6000+ songs, by artists, then by cd/album. it was a pain in the ***, but i know where every single one of my songs are at all times.

    my advice would be to spread it out over a few weeks and do it that way.

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