Ok so this is for the audio experts out there. Got a question regarding wav formats. I'm converting FLAC files to WAV, which both xACT and Max 0.8.1 can do. However, Max 0.8.1 gives you the option to convert to as high as a 64 bit encoding. There's no option for this for xACT - it's just listed as a WAV and that's it. So my question is this - well, first off.. I've never really heard of a 64 bit audio track. If I set it at 64 bit, will the WAV files sound better than whatever the "standard" WAV bit rate is with xACT? Or is the 64 bit for a higher source (5.1 surround, etc) and would it make absolutely no difference in sound? I've encoded tracks both ways - the 64 bit Max 0.8.1 files are more than 3 times the size. If no sound quality is gained then I don't see the point in using the 64 bit option. Can someone explain this all to me?