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    Mac iBook and Burning Audio CDs
    I'm new to CD burning, to Mac, the iBook, and iTunes. So bear with me, please!

    I uploaded somemusic from a 20-track CD onto my hardrive in iTunes yesterday,and when I burned a CD (to learn the process), it did an odd thing - it reversed the order of the tracks. 1 was now 20, 4 was 17, etc.

    Why would it do this? Is this a common occurrence? How can I correct it?

    Thanks. And have a good 2005.


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    Did you use iTunes to burn it? You might have had the track number column alphabetized in reverse order so it burned it like that. Try it again, but make sure that track 1 is at the top of the list.

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    Desolate One
    Yes, keep it organized by album and they'll be in the correct order.

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