Hey all.

So last night, I downloaded Battlestar Galactica season 4 (in HD), and judging by the download speed, I was not alone!

Anyway, the way I organize my iTunes is that all my data is on an external drive (a 320GB LaCie) and all my music is also on my 6th Gen 80GB iPOD. However, last night the external drive filled up, I only have 640MBs left on it, so tonight I am going to get a 1TB external.

Here's my question. Is there any way of configuring iTunes so only selected data is moved to the external drive? Currently, if I have my MacBook disconnected from the external, anything I purchase will download to the MacBook HDD, then later I 'consolidate library' which moves everything to the external. It'd be great if I only had to consolidated certain data. With the HD option, I'd like to watch current shows on the Mac, which might mean taking it to bed and thus disconnecting it from the external.

I know I could do this manually, but iTunes gets upset if you move files around in finder... and with HD shows on the scene, I don't want to be constantly moving 20 - 30GBs of data manually.

I think this would be a great new feature for iTunes.

PS - I'm thinking Apple TV might be a partial solution... may be worth getting now TV shows are in HD.