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    Using my electric drums with Garage Band
    Hi all!

    Ive recently bought a DD506 drum set to record with garage band. When i tried to use it last night I found that I was getting hardly any signal going into the mac. I changed the settings on my module so that It was starting to send signal a little more but all that was doing was triggering samples when I hit the pads. I was getting a hi hat sound where my second tom was......

    Is there anyway of getting it so that I can just get my kit going through in garage band? Or at least a way where I can change the samples being triggered into garage band?

    I am a little confused as there isn't any help in the manual as to if im doing anything wrong!

    All help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!!!

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    Sounds like that module assigns odd midi notes to the various pads. Your going to have to figure out how to reassign midi notes in the drum machine to match whats in Garageband. I had a similar problem with a friend of mines Yamaha, I had to scroll through a few of the drum kits to find one that's midi assignments lined up with Garageband. My Boss Dr 670 works great for interfacing with Garageband, no complaints, as does my old Alesis D4.

    What kind of Midi to USB cable are you using?

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