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    How to Remove a downloaded iTunes Visualizer.
    I recently downloaded two visualizers, G-Force and White Cap, which are both made by Sound Spectrum. Anyway, I deleted and trashed these two programs as I did not like them. So after I completely deleted both programs, I go to View and then highlight Visualizer (in iTunes) and still see G-Force and White Cap as options of Visualizers.

    Is there a way to delete these choices from the Visualizer list? I don't want them showing up as options of Visualizers. Please help me.

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    Uninstall is really simple (RTFM)
    You can read the following page:

    WhiteCap Frequently Asked Questions

    or just

    1. quit iTunes,
    2. point Finder to directory (in your home) Library/Application Support/
    3. move to trash whole directory "SoundSpectrum".

    then start iTunes again ... and you are done!


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