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Thread: Album of the Month?

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    Album of the Month?
    Hey everybody.

    I love the Mac Forums, and I never really make my own threads so if this is a bad idea or not appropriate for this forum, either let me know, or if you are a mod just take it down.

    I'm really interested in music and I'm always ecstatic to share my music with others and also have music recommended to me by the people I enjoy communicating with. Since I enjoy talking to all of you and trying to figure things out on this forum I figured what better place to share and listen to what kind of music people are listening to?

    Now before you jump at my throat and say dumb idea, people will just post millions of artists and songs they like and the thread will simply become a post count booster, I had an idea. We could use this thread similarly to the Desktop of the Month thread and Picture of the Month thread. If you find at the beginning or end of the month (or whenever I guess) that one album you have been listening to stands above the rest, then you can post it here in an organized format.

    For me it's:

    Artist: Ludo
    Album: You're Awful, I love you
    Favorite Song on Album: Topeka

    If you guys don't like this or mods think it's useless, I understand. Just a shot in the dark really and something I hope can grow into a fairly popular thread if you guys like it.


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    My pick (I'm a huge Zeppelin fan)

    Artist: Led Zeppelin

    Favorite song from album: Kashmir

    Name of album: Mothership

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    Artist: Brand New
    Album: The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
    Favorite Song on Album: Degausser

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    Is this just a released this month only topic?
    Or anything goes?

    Judging by things it seems like an anything goes topic. So my vote goes towards:

    Viva La Vida

    Favourite track on the album?
    Viva La Vida

    Why? Because this album to me is out there. Different, weird, no two tracks are alike. And just something that grabbed me. Unlike their other albums which I really don't like on the whole. Bar say 3 or 4 songs.


    Another way of taking this could be a like a book club but not. A music club. In a book club they all read the same book and then as a whole give their reviews on it and share their experiences reading it. We could do the same but instead we as a group and each listen to it and then share our reviews and thoughts on it. It'd be nice to review something you might not like on first looks. Trying to make a unbiased review on something you might not like the most could prove a challenge. But I'd be up for it.

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    Thats a great idea, I didn't even think of that. As long as it dosent become people flaming music other people then I'm all for it Glad some people have taken interest to it!

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    Viva la Vida by Coldplay

    Favorite track: Viva la Vida or Violet Hill.

    By the way this probably belongs in Anything Goes.

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