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    pro tools key commands on a macbook
    does anyone know how to use the numeric pro tools key commands on a macbook? the macbook doesn't have numeric keys.

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    i have no clue how to use the keypad with protools. i use PT on my macbook, but strictly just to record. i edit on my mac pro. you should try getting and external numeric keypad. you should be able to get one for cheap.

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    An external keyboard would be the easiest. Have you tried using the num lock function? It's located on the F6 key. You might have to hold the "fn" button down and then press the F6 key to activate it. A little green light should turn on underneath the F6 key if it's on.

    I've never done it myself, but it might work. If it doesn't, you might just need to get an external keyboard or numeric pad.

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