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    How do I save my iTunes to my external hard drive.
    It would be very much appreciated if someone could give me step by step instructions. The last time I saved my tunes to my external hard drive was just before my notebook hard drive went bust and I had to get a new one. When I added the saved ones to my new hard drive they were without titles. Now I want to save them all again and delete many of them from my hd and then add them back in when I want to listen to them again--I have 9 GB of music and podcasts. But I want the information with them--title etc. Do I delete the files or keep them. How much memory do that take.

    Thank you.


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    Ignore the post.
    I think I successfully did it,so not necessary at this point to receive information.


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    just in case you need this info

    Keeping your iTunes collection on an external

    The following assumes you want to keep all your iTunes music and movies on an external disk and ensure new music is always stored on the external drive.

    First, you need to consolidate your iTunes Library to a folder you have chosen of the external drive.

    Select the command consolidate library from the Advanced Menu. This will copy all your itunes media to the external folder and link the itunes library file to it

    The files will now be on the external while the library.xml file (the index as it were) will still be in the Users > Me > Music folder of your mac.

    If you want this file on the external as well as well, copy it to external iTunes folder, start itunes with the alt key pressed and you will have the option to select the library file now on the external

    Select the library file you just copied and now both your music and the library are on the external

    You can now delete the old Itunes folder off your mac

    You can also use the choose library dialogue to switch between a large music collection on the external and a smaller music folder on the mac if you wish

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    I did everything you said, now all my music from my itunes is on my external drive.. and changed the library.. but now I can't access it! The library from my computer was erased automatically and when I go to the external and go to library, it is empty... am I doing something wrong?

    I click the new itunes library and there are thesen items>
    itunes library
    itunes library extras.itdb
    itunes library genius.itdb
    itunes library.xml
    folder: itunes music -which is empty

    I tried moving my music to that folder but nothing and none of the other items do anything when I try to open them..



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