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Thread: Garageband: Triggering Samples Problem

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    Garageband: Triggering Samples Problem
    Hello all,

    This question requires that one knows how to create a new software instrument in Garageband, and therefore know how to input samples into GB's keyboard. If you don't go here and read this first:

    This is an amazing feature of GB3, and works great for adding your own samples to a musical production. But, here is my problem:

    I assigned a sample of a man yelling "HI-YAH" (as you would yell if you were karate chopping a stack of bricks) that lasts a little over a second to the "f" key of the GB musical typing keyboard. So, like the tutorial explained, now when I press "f" I hear "HI-YAH," BUT I can only hear the sample in its entirety if I hold down the "f" key. The other option is to hold down the "tab" key which executes the sustain function, but is ultimately no help because I want to avoid having to hold down any key in order for the full sample to play. I just want to tap "f" and have the sample play fully (and start over if I press "f" again, interrupting the sample).

    My overall goal is to use some drum pads to control sampled sounds, but longer samples will not play fully with one tap of a drum stick. See?

    Any ideas?


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    The Keyboard/Drum Sampler function in GB sucks. I would recommend downloading a different sampler plug-in. I don't use GB, and use kinda expensive plug-ins, but I'm sure there's a free on out there somewhere which gives you the option.

    Have you tried just drawing in the sustain into the MIDI note editor on the instrument track? Using a real MIDI keyboard would probably work, too.

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    GB is deliberately crippled, because the functions you're looking for are available in Logic Express or Logic Studio. Ultrabeat is probably one of the best drum-machines/samplers you can have, immensly powerful (if you know what you're doing), and flexible. Also Logic Express now includes the full EXS24 Sampler, which is a very solid performer.

    If you're a student, get Logic Studio for $150, or if not, Logic Express for $199 is still a huge bargin.

    Unfortunately, GB does not allow AU plugins, again this is deliberate.
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    I Can help! :)
    I actually recently ran into this problem as well.
    Quite easy to fix.

    Go to the details section for your instrument and click on the little pencil thing
    on Instrument Generator. Set your release to slow and it should work fine!!
    Hope this helped!

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    I have this problem. It's very annoying.

    Press any key to continue, or any other key to cancel.

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