Do you use Apple loops or do you create your own drum parts?

This is how I do it:

First off I'm a drummer by default, I can play guitar, piano and bass, but drums are where my heart is. When I first got my Mac, I had conundrum, I couldn't afford a nice midi keyboard so I was using musically typing, how does on go about programming a 4 limb drum part with a QWERTY keyboard? I had an old drum machine and a turtle beach midi to USB cable, great, now I am pushing little rubber buttons (not much better) and I still can't play everything at once, but the midi drum machine had way less latency then the QWERTY did. So what I did was split my drums parts into two midi instrument performances. One for kick and snare, one for cymbals and fills. This allowed my to have a far more human performance with improvised fills and shifts in feel. I will also reduce the tempo to attain the speed of the fills I want as well. I can also layer a LOT of really cool drums together. I am doing an industrial rock thing, kinda like Nine Inch Nails. I play metal and punk by trade on drums but I've always wanted to do industrial, lol.