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    Macbook or a Macbook Pro for music production?
    I am looking to buy a mac laptop for music production. Should I get a macbook or a macbook pro?

    I'm a bit new when it comes to macs. I have looked briefly at the specs and I can't see a vast difference in processor speed or ram, only hard drive size and display size. What are the sound card capabilities, and what justifies the large difference in price between the models?

    Any advice would be very useful.

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    depends what kind of apps you want to run. If your just a garage bander or maybe ableton etc.. a standard macbook is fine ( I use one for sketching ideas out b4 a move to the g5). But if you want to get serious using logic and running large tracks then the pro is your boy.

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    Even using Ableton if you are running a lot of tracks or a ton of instruments or plug-ins you might want a MBP.
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    I'd second the macbook pro. Not so much for the power, but the higher resolution screen. You'd be able to fit a few more tracks and plugins on the screen.

    Further, the MBP has pretty decent speakers in it. Not to replace studio monitors, but good for a laptop. Sometimes I need to listen to a track urgently and don't have cans or monitors nearby. Very handy.

    Also, if you ever need to use your mac on stage or at mixing point for a production, the backlit keyboard of the MBP is a lifesaver. I can't live without it.

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    Thanks for the responses, I think ill be going for the pro as in the long run I would be looking at getting logic as well as using on stage.

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    Question MB vs. MBP
    Hi everyone,
    I ve just become a member of this forum and it is a pleasure for me to get experiences of the experts.
    I'm going to purchase a MAC but for some reasons I am not able to purchase MBP and with my present budget, I can get MB. Actually I am working with Ableton Live 7 and I am starting to produce with Logic Pro.
    As I've read the opinions of the experts about MBP, my question is that if I get MB and I connect that to a big screen monitor, can be placed of MBP?
    Or I just have to wait till I get MBP.
    I will be thankfull to be helped.

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    The specs on the MB's and MBP's are nearly identical. A larger screen and graphics card will not affect a recording program's performance. Plus you can always attach a MB to an external monitor. Plus the speakers on either suck compared to studio monitors. They most they're good for is letting your friends listen to what you've recorded. Truthfully, I'd rather burn a CD and pop it in a CD player rather than try and justify the sound of the speakers.
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    One other reason to consider the MBP is Firewire800. If you plan on doing live stuff with lots of realtime plug-ins, you may need an audio interface with more bandwidth than what FW400 or USB can handle. FW800 is great for writing multi-track audio to an external hard drive. Your track count will almost double.

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