Hi, I'm having a little trouble understanding how all these porducts can work together. I think I can do this but wnated to find out if I can.

Currently I have an iMac which is connected wirelessly to my router and my ipod touch can control itunes on it with the remote app.

I want to buy an airport express for my conservatory so that I can connect it to my stereo in there and stream my audio from my iMac to this stereo. No problems there I don't think.

I also want to buy apple tv to hook up with my tv and audio in my lounge. Again I know this could work.

Here's my question. Can both the airport express and the apple TV both be wirelessly synced to iTunes on my iMac so that i can play a song on my iMac and send it to multiple speakers so that essentially the same song is playing upstairs on my iMac, and downstairs in my lounge through apple TV as well as in my conservatory through my airport express. My idea then is I can control it all using my ipod touch remote and wherever I am in the house I have my music playing the same. Is this possible?