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    Line in problems.
    Hey guys, I've just got a quick little problem with the Mac's audio Line In that I was wondering if anyone could help me with.
    output sound from something like a playstation 3 while I play the game itself on a seperate monitor. It seems kinda weird I know, but it's the best choice when you're on a really low budget. I then traded in my laptop for a mac, and a problem has appeared. There's apparently no way to get the line in sound to actually come out of the speakers.

    Is there an app of some sort that someone knows about that could do this function for me?

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    I think I can help you with this one. There's an application called Soundflowerbed, it's amazing, and best of all, free.

    Download it, install it. Start soundflowerbed

    Now you need to go into soundflowerbed, which is the flower/star shaped icon at the top of your screen on the menu bar, to the right of where it says the time.

    Your soundflower will look slightly different than mine. Yours won't have the "CD Spin Docotor Capture Support", but it doesn't matter. Under the soundflower (2 ch), select the speaker you wish to use to output sound to. In the above image, "built-in output" is selected, but if you have a speaker plugged in that you want the sound to come out of, choose "built-in line output"

    Next, open Garageband, and make a new project.

    Now go to Garageband>Preferences.

    Under the Audio/MIDI tab, under Audio Output, change it to Soundflower (2ch). Under Audio Input, change it to built-in-line input.

    If it asks you to change the audio driver, hit yes.

    Next go to Track>New Track>Real Instrument Track, and then click "Create"

    A new track is created, and the info tab is opened to the right. Under Input Source, choose one of the ones that says Built in Line-Input (stereo is better than mono). Under Monitor, choose "On".

    Please respond to this, seeing as I put alot of time into writing this, and I would like to know if it worked for you.

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    Hey musicvortex I kinda need your help too because you look like u know what your talking about.

    If I connect my xbox 360 to the audio in port on my mac, will it record the audio on Garageband? Because I wanna record som clips from a game and put it on a song.


    and btw how do u take screen shots like that?
    Before i had a laptop and it had a Print Screen button but mac doesn't have it.
    As you could see, I'm new to mac.

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