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    I would like to accomplish this sound. help?
    Basically I am using a Shure Sm-58 Mic and garageband and would like to know if there is anyway to replicate, as close as possible (doesnt have to be perfect) .....the effects from the song "Private Dancer" By Danny Fernandes.

    Link Below:

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    You can try putting the 'correct pitch' up as far as it will go and tell it to keep to the song's key, try making that key different to what you're actually singing, should get something similar.

    The effect they're using is a vocoder, which is also used for vocal pitch correction (well, it was, back in the day.) Most pitch correction software and hardware vocoders will allow you to do that.

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    thats some interesting feedback, thank you, i will give it a try.

    Does anyone else have ideas?
    and as for a vocoder software, are there any good ones that can just be downloaded or are easily accessible via torrent?

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    I've been recording bands for around 4 years now and while GarageBand is definitely a very, very powerful recording tool, you are going to have to get a program with a little more "umph".

    I just switched to Mac OS so im not sure, but if you could get a program called adobe audition to run on a mac, which im sure is possible, you can replicate what you hear on the singers voice.

    What the filter is, is essentially a pitch correcter, only with more gain. To be exact, it's called AutoTune, a developer called VST developed a version for audition which is what we use when we personally record bands (my friend and I)

    as for using GarageBand, the previous poster has the right idea, pitch correcter and staying on the specific key is your best bet. you could try to turn the gain up on your vocal track, too.
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    That's enough for me!

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    I am pretty sure adobe audition can be acquired for mac, but i heard it's complicated, true? loll
    and as for autotune, isnt that costly?

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    Melodyne is a better plug in than AutoTune in my opinion, but they're both expensive. I think try the Garageband thing first.

    I used to use Audition on my PC, it is pretty complicated, but it's great for modifying stuff on a really small scale.

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