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    new guy needs help
    Hi guys,
    Thanks in advance for the help. I truly appreciate it. I am hopeful that some of you geniuses on here can straighten me out. Please be as detailed as possible in your reply. Treat me like the moron I am.

    Overview, I simply want to record vocals through my computer over an MP3 of the music. I do not play any instruments nor do I know how to compose music so my thinking is that I want to find music without the lyrics and sing over that into some program and be able to mess around with the vocals a bit if needed and end with a song I can save to disc.

    Is this possible? Is this the right way to do it?

    So here's the questions:

    a. What program/software do I need? Is the garage band thing that came with the computer enough? What's the best for what I want to do? Is it even possible to do this and be able to input the music into the program etc.?

    b. I have a mac airbook which only has a headphone jack and one USB port so I assume I will need to buy an external drive, correct? Is there any other external stuff I need to buy? Sound cards, vocal machines, a second brain to replace the one in my head?

    c. Do I need to buy a special microphone for recording on to the computer or is there a way my 'normal' mic plugs into the computer? What's the best?

    d. Is there even a way to find MP3's without the vocals? The only thing I have seen is karaoke discs which typically suck. Can I get just the music Mp3's online? Download em, buy em? help, God, I'm stupid.

    e. Is this even the best way to do this? I mean, I just simply want to sing over the music as if I was singing with the band and then maybe adjust the vocals a bit after the fact if need be. Ending with songs on disc and on the computer etc.

    Thanks again guys, HUGELY appreciated!

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    Here we go;

    A - Garageband will definitely do, you can even click and drag songs into it. It also has a pretty expansive collection of pre-made beats, melodies, samples, etc, so you can build your own songs from those clips and eventually you'll understand it well enough to create your own music from scratch.

    B/C - The MacBook Air actually has a built-in mic, so there's no need to plug anything in at all. If you do learn an instrument or want to record anything by plugging it in, you'll need a USB Audio Interface, but it sounds like that won't be a problem if you plan on only recording vocals.

    D - Personally, I'd just fiddle with the pre-made stuff in Garageband and just create something from it.

    E - Not sure exactly what you're asking.

    Quick guide to recording via in the in-built mic;

    Open Garageband.
    Select Track>New Track...
    Select 'Real Instrument Track'.
    Click OK.

    If you want to hear yourself through headphones, plug them in and select 'Monitoring ON' just under the instrument library bit.

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    Thanks Jerome. Appreciate the info.

    I would think that the built in mic is certainly not acceptable for singing but i will try as you say. I suppose if I can adjust the vocals once I sing them, it might be ok.

    Also, the garageband i have came with the laptop, is it the full version or just a shortened trial thing?

    And lastly, I need to bring music into it to start, maybe in future I will create my own but for now I need music so still need help with number 'c' lol.

    oh, and also, as for e, was just asking if this is the best way to make a recording of vocals on a soundtrack is all.

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    one more thing, i cant figure out how to stop the recording. I click the record button again and it stops recording but the line just keeps going forever. aargh, lol

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    sry, figured that part out.... just click play again. duh.

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    The in-built mic in the MacBook and iMac is definitely good enough, I know someone that uses his all the time and gets great results, I've recorded with mine before and there really isn't that big a deal.

    If you really want to use your 57, you'll need an audio interface.

    There are some sites with royalty-free tracks and other backings, I'm not sure of any in particular, but I've come across them before.

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