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    Groovy sound with the visual EQ
    hey guys and gals. So I recorded a piece of piano software on Garage band and I was messing around with editor on the visual EQ (the small pencil shaped icon to the right) I noticed when I was playing back my piece that I could move around the EQ and hear the changes it made to my piece as it played. It sounded really cool. I am wondering if there is a way that I can record my music and then listen to it back whilst I mess around with the EQs until I find a sound I like. I don't want to just merely set the EQs, I want to record them in motion as they change the effects of another track (my piano track) as it plays. My worry is that once I press record it will erase the original piano piece. I s there a way to keep it static and to cycle record the EQ effects til I'm satisfied

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    I had the exact same question, did this ever get answered? I tried calling mac but they weren't able to answer the question

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