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    Can't burn much to a CD from iTunes
    Hi all,

    I'm running iTunes 4.7 under OSX 10.2.8 and cannot burn much music data at all to my internal CD-RW.

    I have successfully burned a 77 min playlist in iTunes 4.5, but now I cannot fit even the original contents of CDs I burned into my library back to CD. Worse than that, I can't fit a single 26 min track from my library (via playlist, of course) onto a CD, when that track is one of two that came from a single CD!

    I keep getting the message that the selection will not fit onto a single CD. BTW CDs are TDK 800MB.

    Disk and permissions fixed, plenty of HDD space, burn preferences set to audio, library in AAC format.

    Any ideas, please?

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    you probably have itunes prefs set to burn an audio cd, go into preferences in itunes, under the burning section, make sure you have mp3 cd selected, itll be an mp3 disc, but you can fit easily over a hundred songs on it. I think in itunes 4.5 maybe you were making mp3 discs instead of audio discs.
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