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    Garage Band-Accapella
    Is there a way in garage band to take a track and make an accapella out of it some how.

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    The only way I can think is to NOT use GarageBand, unless it has some kind of karaoke filter I don't know about.

    Your best bet is to futz with the track in Audacity with the "Invert" function.

    The easiest way to do it, though, is if the song is mixed such at all of the instruments are panned dead center, while the vocals are panned hard right and hard left. If that's the case, then have Audacity import the left and right channels as separate tracks. Use the "Invert" thingy on ONE track, then combine the two tracks. The instrumental track should phase itself out.

    This is also known as "out-of-phase stereo."

    The problem, though, is that the standard way of mixing in stereo is just the opposite -- pan the instruments left and right, but the vocals more centered. If you do the steps I mentioned before on THIS type of mix, you end up with basically a karaoke track. There IS a way to isolate vocals from this type of mix, but it takes a lot of trickery and patience, and you can hear a lot of digital distortion and remnants of the removal...and I've never been able to figure out how to get it to work.

    But basically, don't use GarageBand for this.

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    Just an FYI, this is asked 100 times a day on the DJ forums and there is not a single easy way to do it. It is usually very complicated and doesn't usually come out all that well. Of course it depends highly on the track, but this is why they sell the Accapellas to famous tracks.
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