Hi all!

I want to know if other firewave users have the similar problem.

First of all, firewave works just fine - that is by itself, but when I connect the TV via mini DVI adapter I get loud static in the background, otherwise audio is fine. I have macbook, and as you may know FireWire port sits next to the mini DVI. as soon as I plug it in noise starts. My guess is that it is related to poor shielding of either ports. tried different firewire cable (with better shielding) and although noise decreased it is still annoying. I think its the ports themselves and not the cables that cause the problem.

I want to ask if iMac owners have the same problem (ports are not located next to each other on an iMac)

Its a pity, wirewave is a great external 5.1 sound card for mac, and as it soon will be discontinued griffin sells them for $29. I just would not recommend it to macbook users.