I prefer my Mac over my PC, but sometimes, I find that some things are easier on a PC running Windows than a Mac, running Mac OS X.

For example, I have a project which involved turning written books into audio books. I know that QuickTime player comes pre-installed on my Mac, but it can only play sounds. To be able to record sounds with QuickTime, I have to spend $29.99 US Dollars to upgrade to QuickTime Pro.

On my PC, out-of-the-box, I get a simple application called "Sound Recorder.exe" that is simple and gets the job done of recording the spoken word with a standard microphone.

I might be able to find a cheap or free recorder for the Mac. There is Audacity, but it is quite capable and complex to use. I'm looking for a simple way to record sounds.

Can somebody, who has some clout with Apple, Inc., like an ADC member or a member of the press inform them that if they want to charge more for a Mac than a PC costs, they have to keep the Mac OS X keep coming, doing more "out-of-the-box".