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    itunes audio quality problem
    so lately playing music through itunes has been less than stellar, i thought i had blown my speakers that where plugged in, sound was bad, "S" sounds especially, i switched to head phones and the same thing happenes, this does not happen when watching a movie with headphones, so i am assuming it is an itunes issue, does anyone have any advice or input on this situation, i love my music and hate for it to be tainted like this ha ha, thanks

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    i tunes audio quality
    i agree, i am searching for a different audio converter. The wav or aiff files i have been converting to mp3 using the Itunes converter sound horrible even at the maximum quality setting. I have had better results converting AAC at 256/VBR but it is still less than stellar. Anyone have any ideas on a quality audio converter that will go from wav and aiff to mp3 or aac and sound really good?

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    Seems I read that FLAC is lossless and will give you a good MP3 sound. I haven't used it but have a friend that swears by it.

    Also, you could try Audacity. Select the bit rate and depth you want - except that's fixed for CDs... but great for LPs and tapes.


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    have you checked to see if your Equalizer is turned on and the settings are all weird? sometimes i forget that it's on and that I have the Preamp turned up. that would cause the treble range to distort. just a thought.
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