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    i'm not sure where to ask this or to even search for this...does this belong in here or under the audio forum?? either way i'm gonna ask in hope of getting a definitive answer. i just bought a new Macbook Pro and want to hook it up to my HDTV and Audio Receiver. i have a DVI to HDMI cable to hook up to tv. however, for some reason i can't get the computer to display full screen no matter what i tinker with. the top and bottom are always cut off when i display them in "mirrored" mode.
    ~~for the sound. i have the optical toslink cable hooked up to an Onkyo SR605 and have changed the settings under the sound preferences. but cannot get any sound to come through. (i switched the cable and plugged it into my PS3 and sound works) what am i doing wrong?? can i get 5.1 out of it if i play a DVD??

    any help and/or suggestions are appreciated.
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    I can't help with the video, mine works fine on my HDTV. Did you go through all the aspect ratio options available?

    The audio should work, and you should be able to get 5.1 for DVD Player. You have to go into preferences when DVD Player starts and then you'll see Audio option under Disc Setup. The default is system sound, but if you plug in the toslink you'll be given an option for surround sound. When you have the toslink plugged in you can only adjust the volume from the receiver, not the MBP itself, so make sure your volume is up on the receiver. I just plugged the cord into my MBP, then to an optical port in my receiver, hit the necessary source on the receiver and it worked.
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