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    Small Portable Keyboard to use with Garage Band
    Hi to all the forum members!

    Could you recommend a small and very portable keyboard from a reliable manufacturer that can also be used for Garage Band?
    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    How many keys are you wanting? I know that M-Audio makes some quality midi controllers/keyboards and they have a nice 25 or 37 key wireless midi controller. I believe that they are compatible with Garage Band.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pasteofanchovie View Post
    How many keys are you wanting?
    That would be useful

    Here is an example of an M-Audio MIDI Controller

    They are very nice looking!

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    I suggest you Google "MIDI controller reviews". There are lots of opinions out there. Some of them informed. I was researching this a year ago and read a lot of complaints about M-Audio, but I think they were all Windows users. Make sure the return policy allows you to take it back w/in a reasonable time frame if you're dissatisfied.


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