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    Help Installing Reason
    Hey Chaps,

    Trying to install Reason Version 2.5 on my new imac. Everything goes fine until I open it up for the first time. It asks me to insert disk 2 which I do, but nothing happens. I can see Disk 2 on the desktop but the programme doesn't respond. Any ideas?


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    uhm... 2.5? lol, isnt that a bit dated? im pretttyyy sure 4.0 is out, but just to help.

    when it prompts you for disc two, and you insert it, and you see it, yet nothing happens you might try to open the sound bank and if that doesnt do it.. try "daemon" to properly mount it.

    possibly also a read malfunction.. if you are legit, go to an apple store, and be like "yo install this bad boy"

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