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    my Mac freezes when iTunes plays music
    Hi there! I got a Mac G4 with Mac OS X 10.5 on it from a friend. That friend says he never had any problems with it...
    I have problems with this Mac all the time from the very beginning. It freezes when ITunes plays music and also with some web-sites like myspace (also when playing music), and then I have to press the restart button
    I have tried already all basic troubleshooting: creating new user, deleting ITunes plist, reinstalling ITunes, disc utility (...) Nothing works! It freezes again and again... I need help!!
    Thank you!

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    What speed is that G4

    I have stuck with Tiger since it does what I need

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    There's always a new computer
    Hope your computer gets better.

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    Does it freeze with all music or just some? I had a freeze problem a while back and it turned out to be corrupted mp3 files, once i got rid of them the problem went away.

    As for Myspace freezes, if your using Safari you might be having the same problem i have, it just sits there and refuses to finish loading the pages. I have found that using Firefox cures that for me anyway, or you might want to try the latest version of Safari and see if that helps.
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