Hello Everyone,

I still have an external USB 5.1 audio card lying around which I would like to use for hooking up my new iMac to my surround speakers. This is an "Audiotrak MAYA 5.1 USB" for which there are no actual Macintosh drivers available from their site. However, since this is a USB audio device it is recognized and works for normal stereo output.

What I'm looking for is a software that allows me to control the additional channels offered by the device. The normal sound control panel does not show any additional options for the USB Audio device.

For instance, I would like to be able to upmix whatever iTunes (or other apps) are playing to 5.1. The DVD player app also does not seem to notice that there are more channels available.

Any suggestions on how to put this thing to use would be most welcome. If there is no hope I'll throw it at ebay and get something that has explicit mac support. What would your suggestions for a good USB 5.1 audio solutions be in that case - no need for something too professional. Good software support would be my main concern?