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    Recommend me a used laptop for Logic 8
    I've been a PC user longer than I've been able to walk and thus know very little about macs.

    But recently it has come to my attention that Logic Studio 8 is the hottest thing ever as I'm interested in sound production and I've exhausted the list of PC Midi-sequencer widgets and found them to be kind of weak.

    I'm going to give Logic Studio a test-drive this sunday and if I like it I will be faced with a problem - I dont have a mac. I was planning on getting a used laptop for college so might as well make it a macbook which brings me to the question:

    What kind of processing power would I need from a macbook to run and process realtime input from Guitars and Basses and Synths? (something I was told it could do)

    Which macbook (if macBOOK can at all) can satisfy these requirements?

    How much would it cost? Preferably used?


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    I watched a Logic Pro 8 tutorial that the instructor said was all done on his black macbook. This is a duo core machine with a minimum of 2.4 ghz. The same set up as in my iMac (I have 2GB ram). I'd recommend the machine but keep in mind, you are trying to do a lot on a 13" screen!!!

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    I'm working on the 2.4, 250 HD, 2G macbook and it is terrifically capable with Logic 8...the screen is small enough that when I'm not using it on the road I need to go to an external monitor...

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    Exactly what I was thinking with the external screen. Thanks fellas

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    MacBook 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo | 1GB RAM | OS X 10.6.3 | 250GB External HD | 8GB iPod Touch 1st Gen 3.1.3
    The black MacBook.

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