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    Using an external keyboard . . .
    Hi all,

    I got myself an Edirol PCR-50 controller for plunking around in GarageBand. The manual mentions very little of MIDI cables, the diagrams mostly show using the USB interface to play the keyboard. No sound whatsoever comes out of my MB when playing, however . . . are MIDI cables a necessity for this kind of thing? Sorry if that's a ridiculous noob kind of question.

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    There's a lot of stuff on that controller... most of it you could already achieve, if not more with GarageBand. Mine is just a Yamaha DGX-203 Portable Grande. Works great.

    Anyways, did you install a driver for your controller? If you haven't, then you should go to the website and find the driver for your controller. There should be a driver for Mac OS X.

    there's the site where you download it. Click "Downloads", and a new window or tab will appear. scroll down, and you should find something like this:

    EDIROL PCR Driver Ver.1.2.0 for MacOS X
    For Product(s): PCR-30 / PCR-50 / PCR-80 / PCR-M30 / PCR-M50 / PCR-M80 / PCR-M1 / PCR-300 / PCR-500 / PCR-800

    This is a driver for using the PCR on MacOS X.
    Compatible with Apple's standards of CoreMIDI
    Universal Binary (This driver can work on both CPU, Intel processors and PowerPC processors.)
    Single/Dual processor support
    Compatible with Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard" as of OCT. 26, 2007

    There will be a Download button to click. Once clicking it, it will take you to a different screen, showing you the license agreement and a link for a "Read-Me" file.

    Then just click download! I think you can take it from there, it should be fairly simple on installing it.

    Hope this helped!

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