I'm a control freak. I love apple products and I love iTunes. But I'm just a huge control freak. I label and organize my 700+ photos in a folder by name-labeling and then lightly get iPhoto to organize them into albums. How do I do that for music? It's just so out of whack. and disorganized! I don't allow itunes to create new music album folders for me unless it's a full album, so my music folder is basically a collection of 1000+ songs (some poorly labeled) in the /users/username/music path. Sometimes band names pop up twice like "ROlling Stones" and "Rolling Stones" if one of them was mislabeled. There's dozens and dozens of these discrepencies that drive me insano. Basically, just starting a threat to see what othe control freaks have done to keep their music library organized. I can't stand folders within folders withint users/username/music/itunes/'itunes music' that are almost all labeled "unknown artist" or have one song file in a sequence of folders, so I don't allow itunes to automatically create folders for me, but trying to find a good way for integrate 1000+ files with itunes to ensure they show up accurately in iTunes. Thanks a ton mac community.