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    Ok here goes, Sometimes i just cant think of any good music to download so im left sitting for hours thinking of good artists, and they never pop to mind.

    My musical taste's:
    Hip-Hop (Not Mainstream Crap):
    Swollen Members
    Immortal Technique
    DJ Format
    DJ Shadow

    I've come to an interesting though.

    Why dont people Post up screenshots of there iTunes Library, that way people can be influenced to to listen to other artists.

    My iTunes library is empty as i just did a fresh install of Mac OS X Leopard.

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    Sounds like a good idea. ill post mine...but my library is fairly large and i would need a lot of screenshots to cover the whole thing...

    so what would be the best way to go about taking screenshots of it? there has to be a better way then just taking one, scrolling down, taking another and so on.

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    make a playlist with all your faves... and make a screenshot from that one.. there problem fixed
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    or export your song list and post a link

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