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    no sound with external mic
    I have a macbook with OSX.4 and Quicktime 7.4.5(25). I am running an unamplified mic in through a Griffin imic. If I go through the stereo it works fine but with the mic plugged directly in I get no sound. Is this a problem with adapting plugs I have used on the mic to the imic (I go from three prong mic plug, to 1/4 plug to the small plug) or do I need an amplified sound for input (through the stereo)?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ray1950 View Post
    I have a macbook with OSX.4 and Quicktime ... but with the mic plugged directly in I get no sound.
    Do you have Audacity? I've just run a test via my built-in mic and it records my every nuance. I don't think it's a connector problem (judging from what you've posted).

    Secondly refer to my (somewhat related) post regarding recording to Mac from vinyl records.
    Therein it shows that an amplifier is desirable for mic recordings.

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