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    MIDI keyboard and Garageband - please help!
    Hi All,

    I just bought a Roland SH-201 keyboard and want to start using it with Garageband. I'm a total beginner with digital music and can't seem to get the setup working

    So far, I've installed the driver and tried to work through the setup of a new MIDI input device on my iMac, but nothing.

    Can someone please walk me through (idiots guide please!) how to get the SH-201 sounds through my Mac and laid down as a track in Garageband.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I might be wrong (I'm still a GarageBand noob), but unless you use a hack/third-party patch, I don't think you can actually get your keyboard sounds via GarageBand -- I was trying that myself -- but it's the other way basically play the GarageBand sounds via your keyboard...

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    What kind of MIDI interface are you using? And if you are trying to record the "actual" sound of your rig, then you are going to need a audio interface. You can record all the MIDI data into GB but not any digital audio.

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