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Thread: Pro Tools Quick Keys (mbp)

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    Pro Tools Quick Keys (mbp)
    i have a Macbook Pro and was just wondering if some of the quick keys for Pro Tools will only work on external keyboards instead of on the internal keyboard that came with my MBP?

    for example...

    when using Pro Tools on a separate rig that had an external keyboard, F1, F2, F3 and F4 were the quick keys to select between the 4 different modes for moving, placing and editing audio.

    on my Macbook Pro, F1 and F2 are brightness buttons and F3 and F4 are volume adjustments.

    is there any way to switch this?

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    Go into your system prefs. Then click on keyboard and mouse. Click keyboard tab and check the box on the bottom. That should do it.

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    if u need the pdf file that has the keys and the shortcuts lemme know

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