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Thread: easy way to delete 5 gigs of 'duplicates'?

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    easy way to delete 5 gigs of 'duplicates'?
    short of doing it 1 by 1, is there an easy way to clean up my i tunes?

    i have 5 gigs of duplicates


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    the site doug's apple scripts had loads of scripts for iTunes

    one of them is called coral duplicates to playlist - that might get you half way there

    There are alaso tons of other scripts in there - so many you could easily get lost

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    Cleaning Up Duplicates
    So far, I've not come across anyway to clear up duplicates of songs in iTunes other than to manually go through after selecting the "iTunes>>View>>Show Duplicates".
    I would check to ensure it's not different versions of playlist files that are clogging your library up before you go deleting files.
    However, I've included the first free program I could find for location and removal of duplicated audio files on your HDD:

    MP3, OGG, WMA, and AAC formats are supported.
    Reviews have suggested it's a very fast and efficient program despite a "Spartan" appearance of the UI.,.html

    Hope my first post has been of some help

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    Quote Originally Posted by 60ndown View Post
    short of doing it 1 by 1, is there an easy way to clean up my i tunes? i have 5 gigs of duplicates?
    If you know for certain which music files are "duplicates", then go to the iTunes Music folder and Shift-click-hold-drag diagonally across the files and, once highlighted, Command-Delete to send them to Trash. That's the culling method and risks including the files you want to keep.

    If your "duplicates" are mixed in amongst the files you wish to retain, then you may have to use the Shift-click method to select them in small(er) groups of files before sending them to Trash.

    There's also a software application called Tidy Up which you can obtain from:

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    thanks all, i found 'dupin' and it was easy and effective, honestly if its a choice between

    1.hours/days of work cleaning up manualy


    2.loseing a couple songs doing it auto

    ill take option 2

    i got lots of other mac questions, ill be back

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    i have 11gigs of music and they all got duplicated some how. i had to delete them one by one took a few days. mainly did it when i was on the toilet.

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