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    Question Fastest way of deleting iTunes songs en masse?

    Does anyone know a rapid way of deleting hundreds-thousands of songs at once in iTunes? This is in specific reference to converting my whole music library from mp3 to AAC format. Once done, there are doubles of thousands of songs in my library, and I want to get rid of all the mp3s. Historically, I've had to manually delete the mp3 versions by selecting "View > Show Duplicates" and then deleting every mp3 one-by-one, going down the ridiculously long list displayed, a very time-consuming process. Is there a faster way of deleting songs en masse? I am thinking that I should be able to create a Smart Playlist featuring all the mp3 songs, and then if there were a way to delete all the songs in a playlist permanently (from the playlist, straight out of the iTunes Music Library to the trash), the job could be accomplished in a matter of seconds... Unfortunately, I don't know how to instantly, permanently delete songs from the music library directly from playlists... Any advice?



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    cmd-click to select individual tracks, and then in the end, delete? thats as fast as its gonna get...

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    on the list, select date added and that should split the old mp3 files from the AAC, you should then be able to mass delete the old files since they will all have am older added date

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    Quote Originally Posted by mainemce View Post
    Does anyone know a rapid way of deleting hundreds-thousands of songs at once in iTunes?
    Finder -> Go -> Home -> Music -> iTunes -> iTunes Music
    Dispatch the whole folder to Trash, then either i) Empty Trash or ii) Secure Empty Trash. The first will take a while, the second will take a long while (very long). There is no instant - or rapid - for what you're seeking to do.

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    i'm just wondering but how many songs do you really have?

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    one of the options is by file type. Then just click purge

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