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    Mixing up some songs
    I was wondering if there is a pretty good program out there just for mixing up songs, something similar to garage band. Im not looking for the setup that you find in Reason 4 or Albelton (however u spell it). Something that is user friendly and i can change up the beat and add effects and stuff. TY
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    Did you get the update for GarageBand? because the update includes all the missing loops. Some samples of what I have done are at the page below

    But, if you really want to get into the heavy music production, then you have to get Soundtrack Pro 2, or Logic Pro 8.

    But really, GarageBand should really be fine. You can get Jam Packs, which will fill ALL the instrument loops.

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    Hum you might as well get some thing decent? Ableton is really the best software for this imo, or why not go all out and get some decks

    However based on what you asked in your original post, why not look at traktor?

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