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Thread: itunes with a NAS drive

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    itunes with a NAS drive
    The situation is my wife and I both have two computers each in the house, two macs and two pc's, currently we have our music on all four computers. Is it possible to put all our music on a network drive (Im thinking about a buffalo station) and point itunes towards that library on each computer? We don't have any drm music so that wouldn't be an issue.

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    Yes it is possible..

    But one thing you will need to be very careful off is that try never to access the single itunes library with 2 different computers at the same time as this might cvorrupt the iTunes database & in order to use the same library you will have to move your itunes database file on the network drive as well so that all the computers can access the same library & also the get the updated library as well when u make changes or add new music from computer & then connect to it from another computer.

    Hope that makes sense.
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