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    I work with a Powerbook G4, an Mbox2, and PT LE 7.3 and I need some powered monitors that will give me the greatest sound quality possible. This must sound professional on disc, and I was wondering which ones to choose? I am thinking about getting the Rokit 8's or the M-Audio Bx8's. The music I create is extremely black and heavy metal with a LOT of snare and bass drums, two electric guitars, one bass guitar, one acoustic guitar, and many different orchestrated and synthy instruments with my keyboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Can someone please help me? Time is of the essence.

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    Choosing the right powered Studio Monitors
    Hey Mordoth66,

    Choosing the right Studio powered monitors can't be done by matching your music preferences with a specific model.

    A few tips/guideline before you go out and spend :

    If you are going to use those for mixing your own creations, I would strongly suggest you bring a cd of your mix to the store and ask the seller to play your it through different models and brands. The goal of studio powered monitors is to recreate the mix as it was recorded : FLAT !

    Do consider active monitor instead of passive ones : (passives requires their own amplifications) that are around 20-30 watts per channel to be sufficient for your mixing needs.

    I somehow recreate the same music genre as you and at the time I chose the Yamaha HS80M.

    Finally, this is not an exact science, it's all a matter of personal taste and understanding the strengths and the flaws of your monitors ( then for you to compensate for those in your mix so that It can sound good on any system)

    Good luck and good shopping

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    Well, I bought the Bx8a's. Hopefully they don't suck eggs. Thanks for the tips, peya.

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    Lol, eggs.

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